Mark lives in Oconomowoc with his wife Cindy where they raised their two sons. Above all other activities, Mark enjoys spending time with his family which now includes grandchildren. Mark’s two sons and their families live locally so they enjoy weekends and holidays together. Mark puts other’s needs above his own and is always lending a hand to neighbors, friends, his family, or anyone who can use Mark’s many skills. Mark’s generosity and kindness is loved and appreciated by everyone!

Bob Anderson Builders, Inc. was formed in spring of 1979 and Mark doubled the size of the team when he joined Bob Anderson in the field in September of 1980! The current Team loves to hear Mark talk about the ‘ol days’ from driving the company van with no brakes to needing to hold his payroll check for several weeks until there was enough money in the company bank account to clear! In those days, the company did absolutely any job they could get their hands on – big or small, clean or dirty didn’t matter and Mark stood strong, loyal, and endured the recession of the early ‘80’s until the company got on more solid ground as the decade came to a close. The ‘90’s brought growth and a transition into small commercial and multi-family projects, while maintaining a presence in the residential market. Today Mark leads his crew in the commercial and residential remodeling divisions and always has several projects of varying complexity and varying stages in the works. There isn’t anything in this industry that Mark hasn’t experienced – he’s gone from landline, to pager, to bag-phone to cell phone. He’s gone from paper transcript to fax machine, to computer, to tablet. Mark is quick to offer to offer help whether it’s on a project in need or a co-worker who is moving his family on the weekend, he is one of a kind and loved by everyone on The Team.