Kelly lives in East Troy with his wife Stacy and their two dogs. Kelly loves fishing in any form and will be in his boat in the open water or on the ice in the winter in much of his free time. Kelly and Stacy enjoy equine and equestrian hobbies together and keep several horses in the Manitowoc area.

Kelly moved to Wisconsin from Minnesota in 2002 and joined the Bob Anderson Builders, Inc. Team in December of 2002 as a rough and finish carpenter working in all three of the company’s divisions. Kelly has an unmatched attention for detail and is intentional with everything he does and so in 2013 Kelly was offered a promotion to lead his own crew in the residential remodeling division. Although a bit hesitant at first, Kelly accepted the position – being fully aware that a foreman is so much more than cutting and nailing wood! As Kelly often says, ‘the building part of this job is the easy part’. Kelly worked hard on his leadership and confidence and today is unequivocally a key component of the residential remodeling division. Kelly is sought after by many of the company’s clients and project managers and is assigned the most complicated, detailed, and riskiest projects. Kelly’s incredible dependability, uncanny knack for detail, and ability to overcome countless obstacles to deliver top projects is widely valued and admired!