Breanna Vigueras

Project Coordinator

Breanna and her husband, Tito, live in Elkhorn with their daughter, Emelia, and son, Ethan, who they welcomed in May of this 2020. They also have two dogs, Nova and Ellie, who also act as two additional children.  In their free time, they enjoy as much time with their close family and group of friends as they can.  They try to spend as much time outside as possible relaxing, playing fetch with their dogs, working on their never-ending home improvement projects, or trying new foods.

Breanna joined Bob Anderson Builders, Inc. in February of 2020 as our Project Coordinator and immediately began assessing our current organizational systems and internal processes with a detailed eye on how they could be improved.  Breanna is responsible for coordinating all estimating and project management and she also collaborates on a daily basis with our CFO assisting with accounts payable and with our Director of Safety working to expand our current safety program; in other words, Breanna touches every single thing that comes through our business! She has an outstanding knack to bring everything she starts to the finish line and a progressive mind with an attention to detail so to no surprise, she has taken our Project Coordinator role to new levels.  Breanna is a huge asset to our team and we value her drive to constantly move us forward!