We have increased the radius of the jobs that we will complete by adding a location in the northeastern region of Wisconsin. We have a crew of laborers farther north that do the jobs in that area. We also found a small yet functional space for our Northeast Operations Manager to do answer emails and calls and to print plans.

Check out our little space!

Meet our Northeast Operations Manager!

Jess Burchill worked for Bob Anderson Builders, Inc. from 2000 until 2009 when he moved up to the Appleton. When we were considering adding a location farther north than the Greater Milwaukee Area, it was a great opportunity for Jess to come back! Jess is married to his wife, Lana, and has four girls from ages 6-14. Jess enjoys being with his girls, and taking his boat out to Green Lake in the summer!

Take a look at some of the work that we’ve done so far!